Time To Take Off

Every beginning has its story, and ours is not an exception.

The idea behind Ask WILCO was several years old when Renata, the Ask WILCO founder, was an operational air traffic controller/training manager. Meanwhile, she embarked on a global journey that would bring her right here at the beginning of the Ask WILCO story.

What was unthinkable five years ago has become possible now, primarily thanks to rapid technological developments and the changing attitude towards learning.

The crisis caused by the 2020 pandemic has shattered the bedrock of the aviation industry, showing that some of the basic assumptions do not seem viable in the vision of the future. Unforeseeable consequences and constant uncertainty have made the world rethink its way of life and adapt quickly to changes. As a result, the space for modern learning technologies and innovative learning pathways is opened.

More than ever is clear that aviation must re-invent itself at all levels! It is certain that past successes are no guarantee of future growth but educated experts who think strategically and drive tangible improvements in performance at all levels.

And that’s why Ask WILCO!

In hindsight, we want to believe that the slowing down came as a boon for a fresh start and growth towards a wiser, safer and sustainable future, having people and technology always on the skyline.

We dream Big! Ask WILCO aims to pioneer technologically supported solutions as an innovative alternative to the existing ATM training concept.

Our vision is to offer sustainable training solutions that foster equal opportunities regardless of geography, cultural and social background. We want to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Sustainable learning and education comprise learning and teaching methods designed to instil in people the skills and dispositions to thrive in complicated, challenging and ever-changing circumstances. The concept champions human resilience and is based on the importance of systems and ecological thinking and the essential role of self-sufficiency as both a means and an end of sustainable learning and education.

We appreciate the role modern technologies and visual tools play in the world around us and understand how they change the paradigm of memory and thus of learning. We believe it’s about time to embark on this ambitious adventure.

We Are Leaping Forward To Transform Educational Technology With People In Focus!

Join our ambitions journey and take off with us!

Stay tuned for more stories.

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