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Ask WILCO provides a broad spectrum of training and consulting services in ATM and CNS. 

We develop and deliver ATCO and ATSEP courses and education for aviation professionals with diverse backgrounds.


Design & Development

We are problem solvers, and we design flexible solutions that last. We are mindful of various needs and contexts and develop solutions sensitive to technology and organisational culture.

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  • ATSEP and ATCO training courses according to ICAO and EU regulations
  • Bespoke training for operational and non-operational personnel 
  • Review, re-design, update of the training plans, material, courses, content, programmes…
  • Digital transformation of the existing material and creation of new lessons/digital courses
  • ATCO and ATSEP training and competence documentation – training plans and programmes, competency schemes…
  • Competency assessment procedures for ATCOs, practical instructors, assessors
  • Competency framework for ATCOs and ATSEP instructors and assessors


We cultivate open communication and reflective learning. We encourage our students to think strategically and drive tangible improvements in performance at all levels.

  • Various courses and lessons for ATCOs and ATSEP ranging from basic courses to complex technical topics 
  • Training for trainers, training managers and other managerial and training personnel 
  • Human Factors and Safety lessons and courses for ATCOs , ATSEP and other (non)operational personnel 
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  • Delivery or support of clients’ courses and lessons
  • Training and coaching of instructors/teachers and assessors 
  • Assessment of the previous competence of ATCOs, instructors and assessors  
  • Coaching and soft skill training 


We contribute diverse ATM projects with our expertise whenever a new perspective, advice or support is needed.

  • Setting up and managing ATSEP or ATCO training organisations
  • Monitoring regulatory compliance of training organisations 
  • Training need analyses
  • Assessment and analyses of training  processes and procedures 
  • Recommendations  
  • Audit of contracting training organisations
  • Analysis and review of training and operational documents in use
  • Operational concepts, technical specifications, working instructions
  • Risk and safety assessments, safety surveys, analyses, recommendations, etc.

We Dream Big

We aim to pioneer technologically supported solutions as an innovative alternative to the existing ATM training concept. We have embarked on an ambitious journey of designing and developing digital mobile applications and AI training solutions for the training and education of  ATCOs and  ATSEP. 

We want to develop a comprehensive digital solution by integrating several applications that support every step in the training and competency progress – from recruitment to managing ongoing competencies in operational units. 

If you are interested to support our projects or want to learn more about our journey, get in touch with us.

We are looking forward to sharing our vision with you!