A Few Words

About us

We are Purpose-driven to Reshape the ATM Educational Landscape Level-by-level

We are aviation professionals and training experts who champion sustainable learning and education in ATM. We are ambitious to create new values at the intersection of education and technology with people as final users in focus. 

Our offer is unique! We aspire to develop bespoke training solutions that respond to various operational needs.

Our Story

Our Values

Our Values are the lifeblood of our business! WILCO stands for:


We grow and learn from our experiences. We think and act with “the capacity, the desire, and the active endeavour to realise what is of value”.


Honesty and fairness are at the heart of our approach. We uphold high professional standards, and whatever we do, we do with personal and professional integrity. We are self-aware, accountable, responsible, and truthful.


We believe learning is fundamental to human growth and progress, and learning is human interaction. Therefore Learning is our mindset and philosophy.


We think big, speak up and are decisive and progressive-minded. We have the courage to take on new challenges, stand for our values, and shape a better future.


Openness reflects imagination, creativity, intellectual curiosity, and growth. We believe that an open-minded attitude keeps us open to new experiences, learning and sharing.

Our Vision

We are Leaping Forward to Transform Educational Technology With People in Focus!

Our Mission


Our main goal is to develop comprehensive, AI-driven, intelligently designed, flexible, accessible digital solutions as a compliment and/or alternative to conventional training, assessment and recruitment in ATM.  We are ready for a wiser, safer and sustainable future, having people and technology always on the skyline. 

Our strategy speaks two languages: Partnership and high Quality!

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Ask WILCO gathers several consultant companies and freelancers based in Sweden and abroad. Our team are controllers, pilots, engineers, IT specialists and other aviation and education professionals.

We offer comprehensive services and operational experience in ATCO and ATSEP ratings and training instructors, assessors, trainers, and managers. We offer support and expertise in diverse ATM projects requiring operational background.

We are aviation professionals who share passion, vision and enthusiasm for the future of aviation and support Ask WILCO Values!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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Renata Zlopasa

Ask WILCO was founded by Renata Zlopaša. Renata has over 25 years of experience in the ATM industry as an air traffic controller (ATCO), instructor (OJTI), assessor, training manager, and other operational and leadership roles. She holds a university degree in aeronautics and life-long education in psychology, safety, HR management and human factors.

In the last decade, her work has focused on developing and managing competencies in complex socio-technical ATM systems. 

Renata has global experience developing and delivering  ATCO and ATSEP courses and education for aviation professionals with diverse backgrounds for a notable training academy. 

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